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Updated Tuesday June 13, 2017 by Franklin Little League.

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Franklin Little League uses a free, online signup system for concession stand volunteering.  This makes it convenient for you to volunteer for the scheduled time blocks you want, and to change your scheduled time if conflicts arise.  No registration is needed on the web site.  Please understand that the Sports Illustrated Play system is not connected, in any way, to the web site, so does not know anything about your FLL registration information.  You will need to supply your name, email address, and phone number to the system when reserving a concession stand volunteer timeslot.

As a reminder, all families must volunteer 4 hours PER PLAYER each season to get their volunteer fees back at the end of the season.  Our concessions schedule on has been set up in two-hour segments to allow for maximum flexibility.  However, this means that a one-player family will need to sign up for TWO two-hour segments (either back-to-back or on different days) on the system to accomplish their 4 hour volunteer commitment.  A two-player family will need to sign up for FOUR two-hour segments, and so on.

Also note that Franklin Little League doesn't want to keep your volunteer fees!  Keeping the concessions open raises more money for FLL than the money we would get from your volunteer fee.  And concession volunteering to staff concessions is also an easy and popular way to fulfill the volunteer requirement!

A final and very important note...  If weather is threatening or strong rains have occurred in the 48 hours prior to the time you signed up to staff the concession stand, please check the Franklin Little League web site for notifications of all fields being rained out.  You will NOT receive any email or SMS notifications of cancellations, you must check the Franklin Little League web site.  Should a cancellation occur, you are responsible for signing up for another concession time slot.

To volunteer for the Franklin Little League concessions stand, please click on the button at the top of this page or below.  Note that we currently only have the first few weeks of the schedule loaded into  Over the next few weeks, additional days will be added to complete the entire season.  We greatly appreciate those that can volunteer early in the season!

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