Softball & Baseball Winter Clinics

Grades 3-6

UpdatedMonday February 10, 2020 byChris Mueller.

Franklin Little League    
  Girls Softball & Boys Baseball
                                                      Hitting and Pitching
Grades 3-6

The goal of this 4 week session is to provide young aspiring softball or baseball athletes with the opportunity to grow and develop in their skill set and knowledge of the game.  Beyond a review of the fundamentals we will specifically focus on pitching mechanics, teaching the girls a strong warm-up and practice routine.  Hitting skills will also be developed to help players build their confidence when they step up to the plate.

Boys Baseball:  SY266-3, Tuesdays, February 25-March 17, Southwood Glen
Girls Softball:   SY266-4, Wednesday, February 26-March 18, Country Dale



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