June 15 Update

UpdatedMonday June 15, 2020 byHeather Herling.

PLAY BALL!  Season begins today!  I'm excited to literally call that out at one of our first games today as we begin our season, and I hope you are as excited to hear it.  Our coaches and volunteers have been putting in extra hours to make things come together for our players and I couldn't be more proud to be part of this amazing organization.  Please read further for some important updates - and I will be sending out weekly updates to help us all stay on top of things.  Check our website and Facebook page for these updates as well.  Refunds for the season are no longer available now that games have started.  Don't forget to complete the Waiver for your player via Survey Monkey - click here or visit www.franklinll.org

Challenger and Tee Ball to play... I'm happy to announce that the Challenger Division will be kicking off their season on June 27th.  Tee Ball will also be kicking off their season on June 29th.  Thank you to the coaches that have stepped up to volunteer - if you are willing and able they could use your help.  Please let us know if you are able to help.

Volunteer Hours  Each family was required to pay a $50/ family and $50 per player volunteer fee, which can be earned back by volunteering 4 hours per player.  The volunteer hours can be worked in 4 ways:  Concessions (2 hr slots), Coaching/ Managing, Committee/ Board work or Facility cleaning (1 hr slots).  Opportunities are available through our sign up link found on our web page or clicking here.  The concession stand will be open each night M-F for Little League games and Friday - Sunday on most weekends for tournaments.  Don't miss out on signing up for a slot that works for you.  

Facility Rules and Field Care  The fields and facilities are maintained by volunteer staff, some paid staff, and all of us.  Please do your part to keep the facilities clean, helping coaches and managers with raking the fields after games and following the field rules of no pets and no alcohol.  

Equipment Exchange   I'm excited to offer this for our members.  In the bathroom/ concession building you will find a shelf with gently used equipment (gloves, cleats, helmets and bats) - if you need something, please take it.  If you have something to donate, please leave it.  Equipment can be expensive and I personally have a lot to hand down and would love for us to do that for each other.  I have stocked the shelves with the equipment I'm donating and some that I've collected from others.  Please don't be shy about taking something or leaving something.  

Sponsorship  Donations, both monetary and in-kind, are recognized as sponsorship.  Please let us know if you have a referral, if you are able to donate your time and talents in a way that can benefit the league - we'd love to recognize you and your business.  

Picnic survey  Be on the look out for a picnic survey.  We need to start planning for it if we are going to have one, and want the membership to weigh in on what that might look like.