June 22nd Updates

UpdatedTuesday June 23, 2020 byHeather Herling.

Our season is off to a great start with the first week of games complete.  I love being at the fields each night seeing the kids play and all of the families there to watch.  What a great community we have in Little League!

The board appreciates every one's patience as we work through details and get things really moving.  If you have concerns, please bring them up and we will pull in the right people to help work through a solution.  We want to give each and every Little League player a great experience, and that takes team work at every level.  Our kids are watching and they see the positive examples we set each and every day when we work together.  

I have some important updates and reminders, please see below:

Facility care - remember to do your part to pick up after games.  Teams are responsible for raking after games and cleaning up the dug out.  Please help your coaches.  Attached here are the Facility Care Reminders.

Umpires - we have a great team of umpires that enjoy participating in the development of our players and we welcomed several new umps into our program this year.  We want to continue attracting young people into this great role and promoting the sport of baseball and softball.  The biggest fear young umpires have is being yelled at by coaches or fans.  Please do what you can to show support for our umpires.  You may not always agree with a call but our players are watching.  Its important for them to learn that even when calls don't go the way we want them to they should always show good sportsmanship.

Volunteer hours - continue to be available throughout the week and on the weekends.  The volunteer requirement is 4 hours per player and you are always welcome to work more.  We know that working in the concessions stand can be hard for parents of young children as they aren't allowed to be with you in the stand.  Committee work and facility clean up don't have the same limitations and both help the league minimize expenses.  Please reach out if you have any concerns and we'll work with you.

Sponsor Spotlight - our sponsors love being part of the Little League program and supporting our community.  Be on the look out for Sponsors on Wednesday nights - Mathnasium and Culvers will be making a visit soon.  Be on the look out for Dine out nights throughout the week at Culvers, Cousin's and Toppers.  If you know a sponsor, please thank them for their generosity and consider sponsoring their business as well.

Have a great week - and here's to hoping the rain only falls when we aren't on the fields!

Heather Herling

Interim President, Franklin Little League