Franklin Little League Field Care

UpdatedThursday December 16, 2021 byHeather Herling.

The Franklin Little League facility requires a great deal of time and effort to be cared and maintained for.  We ask all members to do their part to ensure our players have great fields to play on.  

Coaches and Managers please follow the following guidelines related to field care:  

  • Verify that the fields are not closed on our website ( prior to any practice. You will receive a notification when games are cancelled. 

  • All practices are subject to be cancelled to facilitate a game as games will always take priority over practice. 

  • If a field is prepped for a game you are not allowed to use it. A prepped field means that the foul line and batters’ box have been chalked. 

  • Do not play on wet fields or grass areas with standing water. 

  • Do not intentionally hit or throw hard balls into the fencing. 

  • Do not remove base plugs from their locations. 

  • Do not remove tarps from any mounds - if a game is scheduled and a tarp is present, pitchers should pitch on top of the mound.

  • Do all warm up exercises in the outfield and not on the infield 

  • Do not throw batting practice in front of the mound on the grass. 

Post-Game and Practice Maintenance 

  1. Rake and level home plate area...fill and tamp holes 

  2. Rake and level pitcher’s mound...fill and tamp rubber and landing area 

  3. Rake and level around all bases – do not rake dirt into the grass 

  4. Clean dugout areas – throw all trash and litter into trash cans 

Notify the League Facilities team ( immediately with any field problems. 

Help keep this facility in good shape for all members.