UpdatedThursday April 28, 2022 byHeather Herling.

Little League International

There is no shortage of resources available for coaches - whether you are a new coach or an experienced coach - you will always find useful information on the Little League International site.

Little League International & Lesson Plans  Sounds like school, yet I guarantee the kids will love having something to work on that isn’t school work!  Assign a drill for players to practice on their own.  Little League International also offers a library of “backyard tips” for you to share with your players. Check out the website and familiarize yourself with the resources available.  Parents have access to the site as well, encourage them to use it too.

Batting Cage Drills:

Throwing: A great drill for the cages that helps them work on form.  Line all the kids up facing the fence, have them hang their mitts on the fence at chest height, give them each a wiffle ball and take 3 big steps back, then have them practice throwing into the mitt with an open stance.  

Catching:  Pair players up with a ball and have them throw grounders back and forth practicing good form including tucking it into their belly and coming up to throw.  A variation of this is to have the kids squat against the fence ready to catch a grounder, then have their partner continuously roll a ball to them to catch, teaching them to “keep their butt down on grounders!”