2022 Fundraiser FAQ

UpdatedThursday June 16, 2022 byHeather Herling.

Franklin Little League strives to provide an opportunity for the youth of the Franklin Community to participate in a recreational baseball/ softball program that supports all abilities and capabilities.  Our organization thrives on volunteers and sponsors from the community and we leverage fundraisers to provide well maintained facilities.  Members are expected to participate in a zero cost fundraiser each year as one of the fundraisers that help support our operating expenses and keep registration fees down.

The fundraiser for the 2022 season is a cash raffle and we’ve developed the following frequently asked questions to help everyone understand the fundraiser.


Q: Who is participating in the fundraise?:

A:  All players registered on a team with Franklin Little League were required to buy 5 tickets at $10 each for each player.


Q: Where do I get the tickets?

A:  The tickets are available for pick up at the concession stand.


Q:  What do I do with the money I collect?

A:  Keep it - that is the idea behind a zero cost fundraiser is that you pay for the tickets up front and then collect the money on the back end.  We set up the fundraisers this way to off-set registration costs.


Q:  Where do I turn in the tickets I’ve sold?

A:  At the concession stand there is a container labeled for this fundraiser


Q:  What if I don’t sell all of my tickets?

A:  If you don’t sell all of them that’s ok, just put your name on them and turn them in.  You are welcome to also put Little League’s name on the ticket if you’d like the winnings to go back as a donation to the league.


Q:  What is the deadline to return my tickets?

A:  The drawing is on the 25th at the Milkmen game so you have that night still to turn them in.  If you aren’t going to the game you can still turn them in on Saturday up until 3pm.


Q:  When is the drawing?

A:  The drawing is on June 25th at the Milkmen game.  


Q:  What is the prize?

A:  There are multiple cash prizes and are as follows: 1st=$1,000 2nd=$500 3rd=$350 4th=$250 5th=$150