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Updated Sunday March 19, 2017 by Franklin Little League.

Online registration for players and volunteers!
Register by December 31, 2016 to take advantage of $10 off each registration!
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Franklin Little League uses an online registration for all players, coaches/managers, umpires, and parent/guardian volunteers.  Also, all registration and volunteer fees may  be paid for, online, via credit or debit card!

FLL will be offering an in-person Information Day on January 28, 2017 in the Franklin High School cafeteria.  However, because of online registraton, attendance is not required.

All registrations MUST be performed online, while registration fee and volunteer payments may be made in one of three ways:

  1. Online with a credit/debit card during registration.
  2. Via a personal check mailed to Franklin Little League, P.O. Box 320301, Franklin, Wisconsin 53132.  All checks should be mailed within 3 days after completing the registration process.
  3. In person at the Information Day via a personal check or cash.

Note that there will be a $35.00 fee for checks returned for insufficient funds.  No post-dated checks are allowed.

Player Registration
Please review the Little League rules for player registration and division assignment:

  • Challenger - for players with physical, cognitive or emotional disabilities that might prevent or impede play in other organized leagues; can live in any municipality.
  • Tee-Ball, Baseball, Softball - must live in Franklin or go to school in Franklin.
  • Boys or girls may enroll in Tee-Ball, Challenger, and Baseball; only girls may enroll in Softball.
  • Registration will be offered for players whose gender and birth date meet the division requirements.
  • There is NO play-up option this year.  Players must play in the division corresponding to their official Little League age.
  • The final day for all registration is March 26.
  • Early registration saves $10 off each registration!  Early registration ends December 31, 2016.




Birth Date Range
Tryout Required Regular-Price Registration Fee
Challenger 5/1/96-8/31/10 No $0.00
Tee-Ball 9/1/10-8/31/13 No $100.00

Rookie 9/1/08-8/31/10 No $145.00
Minor 9/1/06-8/31/08 No $190.00
Major 5/1/04-8/31/06 Yes $190.00
Intermediate 5/1/03-4/30/05 Yes see note below
Junior 5/1/02-4/30/04 Yes $190.00
Senior 5/1/00-4/30/02 Yes $55.00

Rookie 1/1/08-12/31/10 No $145.00
Minor 1/1/06-12/31/07 No $190.00
Major 1/1/04-12/31/05 Yes $190.00
Junior 1/1/02-12/31/03 Yes $190.00


Intermediate Division:  Baseball players who register for the Major or Junior Divisions will be asked during registration if they are interested in playing Intermediate Division baseball.  This division offers additional competitive playing opportunities for those interested and who meet the birth date range, above.  Additional fees, yet to be determined, will apply.  If you are at all interested to hear more, please express your interest during the online registration process!  By expressing interest in the Intermediate Division, players are not obligated to play nor are they guaranteed an Intermediate Division roster position.

Note that all first-time FLL players must submit a copy of their birth certificate within 10 business days of their registration.  This can be submitted in person at the Information Day, emailed to Birth Certificate Submission, or mailed to Franklin Little League, P.O. Box 320301, Franklin, Wisconsin 53132.

Tryouts:  All players who register for the Baseball Major or Junior divisions will be placed on a team.  The tryout sessions are used to assess the skills of each player and to distribute the varying skills to each team as evenly as possible.  No players will be refused an assignment to a team, regardless of skill level.  Following the tryouts, managers will “draft” players onto the various teams to equalize the level of play as best as possible.

All tryouts are held at the Forest Park Middle School gymnasium, 8225 West Forest Hill Avenue.

    Major Division
         Baseball - player last name A-M:  Saturday, February 11, 8:00am to 8:45am
         Baseball - player last name N-Z:  Saturday, February 11, 8:45am to 9:30am

    Junior Division
         Baseball:  Saturday, Februrary 11, 9:45am to 10:30am

    Make-Up Day
         Baseball:  TBD

Registration Fees:  Franklin Little League is one of the most affordable baseball and softball leagues in Southeastern Wisconsin.  We are a non-profit organization with a mainly volunteer staff.  All fees noted above include a shirt/jersey and cap/visor and pants in the Minor, Major, and Junior divisions.  Tee-Ball and Senior division fees include shirt and cap.

Multi-Player Discount:  Families with multiple registrations made online at the same time in the Tee-Ball, Minor, Major, and Junior Divisions will receive a $25.00 discount for the second child registered and a $50.00 discount for the third child registered.  Important:  To receive these discounts, all children must be registered online at the same time.

Volunteer Registration
Anyone interested in the following positions should register online (free!):

  • Manager/Coach ^
  • Umpires (age 13 and up)
  • Concession Stand
  • Board Member ^
  • Challenger Buddy ^
  • Challenger Buddy Coordinator ^
  • Picnic Duties
  • Tournament Volunteer

^ Note that these volunteer positions must submit one of the following completed forms within 10 business days of their registration.  If submitting the “New Volunteer” form, this must be submitted with a copy of government-issued photo identification (driver’s license, passport, etc.).  These documents can be submitted in person at the Information Day or Tryout and Try-On Day, emailed to Background Check Submission, or mailed to Franklin Little League, P.O. Box 320301, Franklin, Wisconsin 53132.


Volunteer Requirements & Refundable Volunteer Fee - Please read about the new volunteer fee structure
Franklin Little League has a policy for all divisions (except for Challenger and Senior) that each family must pay a single $50.00 volunteer fee per family plus a $50.00 volunteer fee per player at the beginning of the season which will be refunded at the end of the season if the family performs their volunteer responsibilities.  These fees are in addition to your registration fees.  If each family does its part, everyone benefits!  It is required that each family perform 4 hours of volunteer service per registered player during the season.  Volunteer opportunities include Field Fix-Up Day, Annual Picnic and Awards Day, All-Star and Junior Sabers tournament support, or the ever-popular FLL concession stand.  Also, team managers receive full volunteer time credit and rostered coaches (only 2 rostered coaches per team) will receive half-credit towards their volunteer time.

FLL will be conducting a fundraiser that will be announced near the beginning of the season.  Also, an "opt out" election will be possible for those families that do not wish to participate in the fundraiser.  However, it is expected that all families either "opt out" or participate in the fundraising.

Candy Bar Sales
Purchase of FLL candy bars for resale to offset registration fees is optional.  You may indicate how many boxes you wish to purchase during the online registration process, however actual payment for the candy bars can only be made via personal check or cash at the Information Day or Tryout Day when the candy is picked up.  These candy bars are purchased for $30.00 per 60-bar box ($0.50 each bar) and the suggested selling price is $1.00 each.  If you purchase candy bars, it is your responsibility to sell them as there are no returns or refunds.  FLL receives no direct benefit or monies from the sale of candy bars.

Please see our official Refund Policy.

More Questions?

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information about our league.

Online Registration Process
Please read the following to help make your registration process go smoothly.  All registration needs to be done through this system.  If you have any questions regarding your registration please send an email to the registrar.

  1. All families will be required to create an account the first time logging into our system.  Please add all family members, including players, parents, and volunteers by choosing the add children or add adult options (alternate contact information such as phone numbers and emails can be added when another adult is added to the account).
  2. If you registered players in prior years, all of the information remains in the system.  Please verify and update all addresses, emergency contacts, school changes, medical conditions, medications, as well as hospital, physician, and insurance information.
  3. After the account is created this registration system will be used to register and make payments for any of the available programs. Through the registration system you will have access to all account information, including payments due, payments received, due dates, outstanding balances, etc.
  4. Franklin Little League accepts Visa/MasterCard credit or debit cards online.  Checks may be mailed, or delivered in person at the Information Day session.
  5. If you have multiple players, please register them all at the same time.  To do this, after completing one registration click the "continue shopping" button to register another player.  Any eligible multi-player discount will only apply to all players registered in a single online session.
  6. The entire registration process occurs over a secure server.  Your password and credit/debit card information are never made known to FLL.
  7. Make sure you enable SMS texting capabilities for your cell phone if you would like to receive important notifications from the league administrators and coaches, such as rain-outs or other delays.
  8. Don't forget to register parents and others for volunteer positions!  It is fast, easy, and free!
All player and volunteer registrations for must be performed online!
Register by December 31, 2016 to take advantage of $10 off each registration!


Click here to register!
(this will launch a separate, secure window)