UpdatedWednesday April 28, 2021 byFranklin Little League.

Who can umpire?

We especially welcome any adults who want to umpire since Little League requires an adult umpire on every diamond where umpires are used.  As for youth umpires, they should be at least 12 years old.  We will provide all the training necessary to step onto the field.

What about training on rules and mechanics?

We’ll teach you the critical rules that you have to know and we’ll show you where to position yourself for an optimal view of the strike zone and plays on the field.  All first- and second-year umpires are required to attend the District 6 Umpire Training in order to umpire with Franklin Little League.  This training also qualifies you to work with several other District 6 Little Leagues.  Dates, times and locations for the training are being finalized and will be announced soon.  Last year, training ran six weeks on late Sunday afternoons from mid-February to late-March.  There is no cost to attend the training.  Umpires must attend the entire training otherwise, you won’t be adequately prepared to step on the diamond and call games.

Do I need to buy a uniform or equipment?

No, only if you want to.  Franklin Little League provides new umpires with an umpire t-shirt and hat, and use of shin guards, balloon protectors, masks, brushes and indicators — so you don’t have to purchase anything to give this a go!

Do I get paid?

Umpires receive $30 per game.  Checks will be issued approximately monthly by the league.  Umpires who complete advanced training, such as the weeklong Little League Central Region School or the 11-week Wisconsin Umpire Association training, qualify for higher pay.

How do I get game assignments?

Franklin Little League uses Arbiter Sports, an online site for umpire communication and scheduling.  Once the league’s game schedule is released, umpires will use the site to choose which games they want to umpire.  No games are assigned — you pick the games you want to work.  During the season, umpires can continue to visit the site to pick up additional games that other umpires have turned back or games that have been added, such a rain-out make-ups.  We make it easy if conflicts develop with a scheduled game; just notify the umpire coordinator and FLL will find a replacement.  Umpires can take as many or as few games as desired.  Initial per-day sign-up limits ensure everyone can get access to games.  Generally, umpires have been averaging about 8 games a season.

Questions or to sign up?

Contact Umpire Coordinator Larry Victory to ask any questions or to sign up!