Try-Out and Try-On Day

Try-Outs for Baseball Major/Junior Division; Try-Ons for All

Updated Tuesday May 22, 2018 by Franklin Little League.

On Saturday, February 17, Franklin Little League will hold its annual Try-Out and Try-On Day in the gymnasium of Forest Park Middle School, 8225 West Forest Hill Avenue.

Try-outs are required for all Baseball Major and Junior Division players.  All players in these divisions will go through try-outs.  Remember these assessments are used to distribute skills as evenly as possibly across teams.  No players will be refused an assignment to a team, regardless of skill level.

Players going through try-outs should wear comfortable clothing and sneakers. Players should not wear identifying clothing such as name or team affliations in the spirit of the try-outs.  Please bring a bat and glove.  All try-outs will be held indoors.

In addition, all Franklin Little League players are encouraged to drop by during this time to view and try on sample uniforms for sizing. FLL orders uniforms based on the information you supply.  This is your opportunity to double-check everything to ensure proper sizes are ordered. 

Boxes of candy will also be available for purchase (cash or check) for those desiring to recoup part or all of their registration fees.  There is no refund for unsold candy.

The schedule for Saturday is as follows:


7:45am - 9:30am Baseball Major Division Players
9:15am - 10:30am Baseball Junior Division Players
7:45am - 10:30am Uniform Try-On, Candy Sales, Equipment Ordering for All Players


There will be a Try-Out and Try-On Make-Up Night on February 20 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm in the gymnasium of Forest Park Middle School.